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Hindu 2019


The Hindu Weekend, Bangalore
Saturday, October 19, 2019
“Kinetic Theory”
Page 8 LUXE


Collection magazine 1

Collection magazine 2

Collection magazine

COLLECTION PAN – ARAB LUXURY MAGAZINE, has published my jewellery in their Autumn 2019 Issue, launched today.

Visit their website to check out the issue.

Trending Jewellery, Page 23

I am really grateful to Claude Mazloum, Owner and Editor-in-chief, Collection magazine for giving me and other upcoming designers this opportunity.



Juweel Ontwerp - De! Kunsthumaniora

Juweel Ontwerp De! Kunsthumaniora

Glad to be a part of the web page dedicated to all the former students of preparatory year – Visual Design at De! Kunsthumaniora, Antwerp, Belgium.





Marks of Maturity Earrings 1st edition MIC contest




Marks of Maturity Pendant worn by Han Geng (Chinese actor and singer) for 1st MIC Contest x Bazaar’s Charity Stars Season 6 held at Shenzhen, China


MIC contest
The Marks of Maturity

The MIC Contest received more than 1,300 high-quality works from 27 countries around the world. The 50 finalist physical works were displayed in Antwerp Final Assessment for the first time.

My work “The Marks of Maturity” amongst the 50 finalist. #MICCONTEST





NEW BROOCHES, 400+ Contemporary Jewellery Designs, NICOLAS ESTRADA – The Book features more than 400 photographs with the work from 172 jewellery artists, texts by Ramon Puig Cuyàs and Ezra Satok-Wolman, and the beautiful cover with the work from Turkish artist Selen Özus. The book will be available worldwide by the end of June 2018, featuring two of my “Intimation” Brooches as well.


Catalogue: Itami 2017; INTIMACY

Catalogue: ITAMI International Jewellery Exhibition 2017; Intimacy – Pallavi Verma

18 November – December 24 2017- ITAMI International Jewellery Exhibition at Museum of Arts and Crafts, Itami, Japan. Displaying a continuation of my master project “Intimacy” – Brooches embroidered with My Hair. (One of the 97 selected works out of 346 entries)

8 July 2016 – “Indiase studente maakt juwelen met eigen haar” (Indian student makes jewelry with her own hair) interview by Ellen Bogaert published in Gazet van Antwerpen newspaper.

26 May 2016 – Interviewed by Pallavi Gandhi (Indian contemporary jewellery designer) and published on her blog.

Catalogue: Itami 2015; LEAVING TRACES

Catalogue: ITAMI 2015 Jewellery Exhibition 2015; Leaving Traces… – Pallavi Verma

14 November – 23 December 2015 – ITAMI International Jewellery Exhibition at Museum of Arts and Crafts, Itami, Japan. 3 Neckpieces/Objects: Leaving Traces 2014 (One of the 98 selected works out of 343 entries).

16 December 2015 – Silent Circle – Book & Film Presentation – Cinema Zuid 19:30 – 21:00 Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

6 -9 November – New Tradition Jewellery competition 2014 ‘Confrontation’, Sieraad Fair, Amsterdam, Holland. Brooch: The World behind You, 2014 (One of the 45 nominees out of 340 entries.)

“Stroom Van Talent” broadcasted on 10/12/13 & 17/12/13 by CanvasTV channel, Belgium. (350th Anniversary of Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp documentary) Interviewed and filmed for the documentary (Flow of Talent) representing Jewellery Design department/student.